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Paris, January 18th, 2018

Dear Friends of London,

You were there in 2016 when we came to celebrate, in London, the 70th Anniversary of the Intergovernmental agreement on adoption of travel document for refugees, of which Albert Cohen is the visionary behind it. Since 1946, he has created the first true passport for refugees and the foundations of their international protection which were codified in the Geneva Convention of 1951.  

Cohen's heritage conveys to us all the need to take action to prepare the world for the ethical boundaries needed to welcome tomorrow's refugees.


Our ambition for London is that it can sustain an educational, informative and innovative project dedicated to the children of refugees situated in this great city. This momentous achievement will not only help those children to attain citizenship but also allow them to gain a valuable insight on their rights and responsabilities. It will also change Londoner's views on the wealth and opportunities that they represent and the deeply rooted values that are beholden to themselves.


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Laying the first stone of this ambitious undertaking, we invite you on the 8th of March 2018, 19:30 to a film projection followed by a debate in the presence of Valentine Varela, the director of this remarkable documentary pertaining to those who have or had obtained the Nansen's passport.

The Parish Church of St Mary West Kensington 2 Edith Road, W14 9BA


An invitation to discuss the rights of refugees around a documentary

Mémoire Albert Cohen Foundation
Genève – Paris – Corfù





The 70 years from the 1946 London Agreement remembrances

Do you know Albert Cohen ? Maybe you have read « Belle du seigneur » ? But have you ever heard of the Cohen Passport ?

Did you know that in 1946, when he was on the top of his carreer as an international civil servant, the writer left us an unprecedented achievement of civilisation,  by endowing all refugees and stateless people with a travel and ID document : the Cohen passport, a passport almost thoroughly endorsed by the famous Geneva Convention of 1951.

For 10 years now, the Albert Cohen Mémoire Foundation has acted to protect this achievement which can be summed up as follows :  "Whoever you are, wherever you are, you are entitled to a passport and an ID accompanied by an international protection" a

With your help, and to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the London agreement shaped by Cohen, we would like to lead a symbolic but international action : next October, we will hold in Oxford a symposium on the future of the universal right to a passport in a world which has profoundly changed, and we will next be in London to explain to middle schools and highschools students how much this memory work is important for their future as citizens.

In order to never lose sight of our rights and to know as Albert Cohen did, how to be useful, we need all of you. Your generosity is essential to complete this action which will be continued in Switzerland, France and Greece, the three homelands of Albert Cohen.

Wholeheartedly, thank you for your precious support.

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