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• Projects and pathways for the 2008-2012 period •



Short term pathways

Medium-term pathways

Long-term pathways



To take steps to ensure that the rule of law is observed

Legal strategy and tactics

Information base

NGO networks

Network of pro bono experts


Annual report by the Foundation giving a rule-of-law inventory

Establishment in other European countries

To acquire for the Foundation the status of observer with consultative status in Swiss, French, and transnational courts


To take steps to become familiar with and publicize the issues at stake in the rule of law


e-symposium 1 (contributions and summary)


Making the general public aware

Pilot pedagogical kit Paris / Geneva for students at the end elementary school





Pedagogical kits

Elementary / Junior High / Senior High

Middle and upper school students


Provide the Foundation with its own Institute so as to develop the know-how of contributors who can help in strengthening the rule of law: practitioners, policy-makers, civil servants, NGOs, teachers, researchers.


To shed new light on the role of the foreigner


Foundation Prize

Database (in conjunction with the Albert Cohen Workshop - l'Atelier Albert Cohen) on the writer's work – 2009 research theme: The Foreigner in Cohen's oeuvre.




Albert Cohen the diplomat

Audio visual documentary

Research papers

Research grant award

Research papers

Research grant award



Other projects:

    • Establishment of Foundation chairs at university establishments in France and Switzerland
    • Research grants on the rule of law
    • Publication of pedagogical material for elementary and high schools
    • Film and documentary productions
    • Observer seat at international organizations such as the Counsel of Europe
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